8 Quick Ways to Start Jogging

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Jogging is a great way to keep your heart pumping and workout a sweat.
It gave you a sense of satisfaction upon finishing your jog, as you know you are doing a good deed to your body.
By jogging regularly, you are able to keep in shape while releasing your stress away.
Follow these steps and you'll get the most out of this exercise and have a more enjoying jog.
1) Get a Proper Pair of Shoes Jogging with your old tennis shoes, may put a lot of unnecessary stress on leg as it is not an ideal shoe to run/jog in.
You'll get injured easily by wearing improper footwear, so it is best to get yourself a good pair of jogging shoes that suit your running style.
Jogging shoes design to cushion the impact, while giving you additional support for your feet.
2) Wear the Right Clothes To have a comfortable jog, you need to wear something comfortable too.
But this does NOT means you have to get any expensive outfit but rather wearing clothes that you feel comfortable with.
Avoid wearing too many layers of clothes either, even though it's a cold outside.
You are going to generate heat as you jog, so the excessive clothing will NOT only render your movement, but also making you sweaty and sticky leaving you in unpleasant state.
For ladies, you might want to get a good sports bra (jogging bra), which is much more comfortable compared to your normal bar.
3) Nourish Yourself before Jogging Jogging on an empty stomach may cause you to run out of energy fast.
So "fuel" and hydrate yourself, before jogging is important.
You might want to eat light meals or snacks that are high in carbohydrate and low in fats.
This include:
  • Fruits
  • Granola bar (energy bar)
  • Chocolate milk
  • Ready-to-eat cereals, etc
However do NOT eat immediate before jogging, give your body time to digest and soak up all the nutrients.
4) Warm Ups and Stretching Warming up your body before jogging can prevent muscles cramps and avoid injury.
This is because cold and tight muscles are likely to get injured.
Warm ups help to loosen up those muscles and improve blood circulation throughout your body.
And it also, in a way help to prepares your body and mind for the jog up ahead.
Warm up your body by walking, jogging on the spot or any other exercise that will gradually increase your heart rate.
A good warm up usually takes around 3 - 5 minutes and this can be followed by some stretching exercises.
5) Start Jogging Slowly After a good warm up, jog slowly as you gradually increase your heart rate.
Appreciate your surrounding as you jog while focusing on your journey up ahead.
You can listen to your favorite song on your mp3 player while jogging, as this makes it a lot more enjoyable.
Remember to regulate your breathing and enjoy your jog.
6) Cool Down and Stretching After jogging, it is important to cool your body down.
So gradually slow down your pace and start walking for a minute or two to get your heart rate back to its original resting rate.
This is also a good time to hydrate yourself as you cool off.
Don't forget to stretch your tired muscles particularly your tights, hamstrings and calves as these muscles have been working hard.
By cooling down and stretching your muscles properly, will help you prevent muscles soreness later on.
7) Replenish Your Energy You need to replenish your energy after jogging.
So you might want to eat something light (Banana, Energy Bar, etc), to start the recovering process.
And hydrate and replenish your loss fluid as well.
Drinking Sports Water (i.
100Plus, Gatorade, etc) will NOT only replenish your fluid but will give you a quick energy boosts! 8) Adequate Rest Having a good rest is crucial as your body begin its healing process which will make you stronger.
And by having enough rest, this can prevent you from getting injured, so you can continue to jog and make exercising a part of your life.
These are 8 Quick Ways to help you to start jogging.
So what are you waiting for?!! Let's get going!
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