Make A Woman Come - Understand How To Help Your Woman Achieve Female Orgasm

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Every man who makes love to the woman he loves will certainly want to satisfy her.
He would want to make his woman come and feel the ecstasy of making love.
To do this, a man first needs to understand all about female orgasm.
With better knowledge, you can be better equipped in giving her the best sex experience ever.
What Happens During It Female orgasm is magical and mystical to every woman.
When she feels very much stimulated in specific areas of her body, a woman's blood pressure is increased; as well as her heart rate and breathing.
Tension will begin to rise and build around the pelvis prior to the contraction of the muscles within her body, most especially in the uterus, pelvic area, rectum and vagina.
This tension is then released through orgasm.
Learn to Relax For some women, reaching orgasm may be difficult.
This is especially true when the woman does not feel at ease or relaxed during intercourse.
As her partner, you need to make her feel relaxed so you can assist her achieve climax.
Do not hurry and be obsessed about orgasm itself.
Instead, breathe deeply, ease your mind off worries and simply enjoy the intimate and passionate act of lovemaking.
Make Her Feel Beautiful and Sexy Insecurities and self-consciousness are also factors hindering the possibility of orgasm.
Some females are not at all comfortable with being naked; they think that they do not look sexy, beautiful or attractive.
These women are those who may not at all achieve orgasm.
Insecurities of a woman are what a man needs to eliminate if he wants his woman to truly enjoy making love to him.
You can verbally and straightly tell your woman that she looks lovely and tempting without her clothes on.
Kiss every part of her body to show her that you appreciate her a lot.
Reassure your woman that no matter how she looks, she is the woman you truly love and feel so much passion for.
This can help take away her uncertainties and thus give more way to orgasm.
Slowly, but Surely As mentioned above, hurrying will only add to the stress and tension that a woman already feels.
When she is tensed, the more likely it is that she will not reach orgasm no matter what you do to her.
For this, you need to start slowly.
Take advantage of the power of foreplay.
Kiss each other's lips passionately.
Fondle and caress her body parts, especially the erogenous spots you know she likes best.
Foreplay will help put both of you in the right mood.
It can arouse both of you and make both of you excited for the actual part of making love.
You may also begin your intercourse with an erotic body massage.
First use your hands to massage her back, lightly touching the sides of her breasts as she lies face down on the bed.
As your hands move slowly in circular motion toward the lower part of her body, she will certainly feel the sexual arousal building within her with your every loving touch.
Massage and caress her butt and then spread her legs apart.
Still using your hands, especially your fingers, slowly work on her private parts.
Once you feel her wetness, you can continue massaging her; but this time, on her G-spot.
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