How to Add a Listing to Yellowbook

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Things You'll Need



Browse a local copy of Yellowbook. Note how companies similar to yours are listed, as well as their location within Yellowbook.

Determine the size of your ad and what important text information it will contain. The larger the ad, the more expensive it will be. To stand out against the competition, include basic information about your business and a catchy slogan if you have one.

Visit the Yellowbook website ( to advertise your business with Yellowbook. Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on "Advertise with Yellowbook." Enter your contact information and click "Submit." You will be contacted by a representative for a free consultation. You can also call Yellowbook to schedule a consultation at 1-800-929-3556.

Talk to the representative about the size of your ad, the text it will contain, its layout and placement on the page in Yellowbook. The representative will give you prices on each of the options they offer.

Design your ad with the representative. They will suggest ideas to make your ad stand out, such as text size and bold words.

Approve the final proof of your ad. The representative will provide you with a mock-up of the design. Make changes as necessary and approve the final version for publication.
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