Through New Skills to Loyalty

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Companies of all sizes want to hold on to valuable employees. They know that for about the first six months a new person learns the ropes and adjusts to new situation, therefore not being very productive. A seasoned employee, on the other hand, knows the way around the company and adds to profitability.

Just as employees are not sure if they will stay in their position, the employers do not know if competition is not going to entice their best people with bigger salaries or better overall possibilities. That is why smart company heads devise plans to hold on to their valuable workers.

One way is of course financial gratification. Most people cannot afford to work for pleasure, and their main goal is to make money. However, a simple raise does not solve the issue for the more ambitious employees, since for them the goal is to climb up the corporate ladder. They realize that with each step up they will earn more, but also that their responsibilities will increase, which will benefit them career wise.

To allow their best employees for growth within the company, at the same time assuring the workers' commitment to the workplace, many corporations reach out to executive trainers. Bringing in a specialist to teach employees important new skills, or enriching their already existing knowledge, leaves the company with staff better equipped to do their job. For employees, it is a means to strengthen their position and also a way to show that they are great prospects for advancement.

Executive trainers offer programs applicable in different industries, they can teach small or larger groups, and very importantly, they have materials for leaders on all levels, starting with managers' assistants, all the way up to CEOs. This means a company can go through a full process of improvement by hiring the right executive trainer.

Bringing in an expert to teach the workers does not mean they will give lectures to a bored group of people. When a company hires an executive trainer, they bring in a person who will share their knowledge and experience, as well as their passion. Lectures are just part of the offered program, as it is very important the "students" participate actively. There are before-seminar forms that the employees fill out, there are exercises during the meetings with the specialist, and often there are also follow up materials.

Thanks to the involvement required from them by the executive trainer, participants pay more attention during the seminars and they prepare and do their exercises, they get a chance to practice the newly acquired knowledge on the spot. Because of that, if any issues arise, the questions or concerns are dealt with right away allowing everybody for a complete understanding of the presented ideas.

Employees finishing a seminar with an executive trainer first of all have new knowledge they can implement in their positions right away. Additionally, the overall level of staff skills is up, meaning the whole company is improved. And last but not least, the worker satisfaction increases, not depending on the person's position level, but on their own self worth, which is often turned into loyalty to the company

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