How to Use a Box Cutter Safely

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    • 1). Purchase a box cutter with a built in safety mechanism. These require that the safety be pulled back to use the cutter and to help avoid accidental cuts. They may also require you to hold the cutter in a specific position to use it which will also minimize the chance of injury.

    • 2). Replace the blade often. Dull blades will require more effort to cut and can lead to more mistakes, including injury. Most cutters have replaceable blades, otherwise just replace the cutter.

    • 3). Only expose as much of the blade as is necessary to cut through the material. The less blade showing, the less chance of injury.

    • 4). Cut away from the body, always. Pulling the blade toward you while cutting can lead to accidentally cutting your torso if the cutter emerges from the box too quickly.

    • 5). Guide the box cutter with your index finger on the handle above the blade. Avoid guiding it with your thumb on the top of the blade.

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