How to Treat a Prospect -Effective Connecting With People

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The short answer for how to treat a prospect is to treat them like people.
We have all heard of the "three foot rule.
" It's not a bad rule; it is just that some people believe that if someone is within three feet of them it is an excuse to jump on them and pitch their product or opportunity.
My rule is that if someone is in, or close to my space, I make a friend.
Truly this is more effective.
It turns the "three foot rule" into a "three foot golden rule".
When you phone a purchased or referred lead, try thinking about it this way; "if my son or daughter were being approached by someone like me, how would I want them to be treated?" Then treat your prospect that way.
Show concern for them.
Find out what they want and be honest with them if you cannot provide it.
I always ask a prospect if they need a job or a home based business and explain the difference to them.
They need to know that they must have some money set aside.
They should know exactly what is expected of them and how much help they can expect from you.
Most Network Marketing failures are just due to the wrong enrollment processes.
So when we release a person who has not been successful, into the marketplace, they are often bitter and disillusioned.
I have had people tell me that they would rather be homeless than to join another network marketing company.
I have heard some leaders say that everyone finds someone or something to blame for their failures and never will they take personal responsibility.
I say, "hold on a minute.
" Perhaps the responsibility needs to be shared.
Think about it.
If all you have on your mind when approaching a person is how you are going to get them into your opportunity, then you do not care about that person.
The relationship has to be more important.
Here is an example.
I recently came across a person who was looking for a job and a home based business.
I really asked a lot of questions and found out his needs; actually I found out a lot about him.
Then I found out that he would rather die than join a business like mine.
The next day I read an article on how to get a job in a recession and I emailed it to him.
Do you think he would know that I really wanted to help him, even though he did not join my opportunity yet?" I say "yet" because caring for someone can change things in a miraculous way.
Sometimes, while calling prospects, they tell me that they have had a lot of calls, and most of the first questions to them were; how much money do you have to invest and, do you have a credit card? This is usually followed by a quick goodbye if the right answer is not heard.
I do understand that we do not have a lot of time to waste, but if you find out about the person first, it is easier to consider their feelings when you explain to them that normally to have a business there is a necessary investment and that you cannot help them.
Please allow me another example.
One person I called was a women in her late forties.
After spending some time talking, laughing, and gaining great rapport with her, I found out she lived in a two bedroom trailer, was on disability, and had no money.
Also she kept to herself, so she knew nobody.
Her only daughter was also on disability had a nine month old baby.
I can tell you that her feelings were not hurt when I kindly explained to her that she could not at this time, join me in business.
Many leaders would not agree with the time I spent with this woman, but before she hung up the phone she thanked me for "making her day".
How do you think I felt? Do you think I felt rejected? Not at all.
I felt energized.
We are put into this world to make a difference, not only to those who can benefit us, but to every human being crossing our path.
I hope that by reading this you will open your eyes and your heart and truly benefit from the good that will come to you by your kindnesses shown to others.
I do not believe that you have to force the growth of your business.
People will come to you in ways that you never thought of, if you treat others well.
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