Gaming and Personal Reviews on Various Systems

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As a mother it is sometimes challenging raising a young child.
There are a lot of challenges that we face.
One of making sure that the things we subject our children to are not only fun but educational.
Over the years I have learned to appreciate the value of gaming though I am not a gamer myself.
My husband enjoys gaming and believes that gaming has helped him to develop skills that I do not have.
He has lightning fast reflexes and is a very good problem solver.
I have taken some time to watch him play some of his games and I could see how challenging this skill is, so when my son started showing interest in video games I had mixed feelings on the matter.
The first system I got him was an Ion.
He did not take to the Ion the way I had thought he would.
The Ion is basically a system that puts the child in the game by using a camera that puts the image of the child in the game.
It also can read the child's movements.
He did not enjoy the games and found it difficult to control.
For me, I thought this was for the best because I did not want him to take to playing video games.
If I were to rate the Ion I would give it 2 out of 5 stars.
The reason for 2 stars is because the concept was great and the games seemed like fun.
With some work on the system it has the potential to be a really exciting console.
However, we did end up investing in a PS2 for him as he continued to express interest in video games.
This system though while a great console for movie watching did not have many age appropriate games so while it was not a total loss it did not serve the purpose we were looking for.
I would rate this system as 3 out of 5.
I believe that the PS2 still has some life in it but I can see that this is a dying console with the release of the PS3.
My husband purchased the PS3 when it was first released and this console became a family favorite.
The games were fun and the Blu-ray's were incredible.
This is the system that really opened up my son to the world of video games.
He was able to play some of the games with his father and this was what they would do when they were bonding.
If I were to rate the PS3 out of 5 stars I would give it 5 stars.
Why? First, they offer a variety of games for all age groups.
Two, the Blu-ray capability is simply awesome.
Three, you can go online with the console and purchase games and surf the internet.
Four, you can purchase upgrades to the games you have like American Idol songs.
Five, there is something for everyone; even I was able to find a game I could have fun with.
While I did not purchase the Xbox 360 I was able to play it and watch it being played as well as get some good feedback about the value of this system.
Based on that I would rate it a 4 out of 5.
Reason being is it does not have the Blu Ray feature.
This was the #1 drawback I heard from those who owned the system.
We did end up purchasing the PSP and while the quality of the video is unlike anything I have ever seen on a handheld device I do not rate it very high.
I would give it 3 out of 5.
My husband purchased this device as well as tons of games and after one month he sold everything.
He did repurchase the device a few years later after some upgrades were made to it so I may have to revisit my opinion after I have a chance to thoroughly review this upgraded device.
Overall, I found the PS3 to be the best value for our family and have come to accept that my son will follow in his father's footsteps when it comes to gaming.
He has become quite good at playing the games he plays.
The PS3 had everything my family was looking for.
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