New to Affiliate Marketing? Why You Should Write Your Own Ads

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Affiliate marketing is a nice way to earn some extra money.
I mean it's pretty simple, right? All you do is pick an affiliate product that your target market will like, copy and paste some ads, and ride off into the sunset.
WRONG answer.
Even though your affiliate partner may have provided you with ads that you can use, you should write your own ads.
The rest of this article will give you reasons why you should write your own ads.
Writing your own ads will help get your emails opened.
If you are participating in a product launch that a lot of other affiliates are promoting, chances are your prospect might have already seen your ad twenty times.
If you write a different ad, chances are this prospect may open up your ad anyway and buy from you when they passed up the other twenty ads.
When you write your own ads you are developing a skill that will help you with your other projects.
You will always need to know how to write good copy.
Developing this skill for other people's products will help you be more successful with marketing your own products.
Selling other people's products is a great way to earn money.
You have to be creative about how you go about promoting the affiliate program, especially if you are in a competitive niche.
Your ads have to stand out from everyone else's ads if you want them to be read.
Now what are you waiting for? Get out there and start writing some ads!
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