How To Knock Out Your Less Than An Hour

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From experience, I know that many people would rather slit their wrists than write eight pages on anything.
But look at this way: Spend an hour mapping out your thoughts. At first, you won't know how many notes or thoughts are required for eight pages.
Doesn't matter. You'll get better at gauging your note-to-copy ration later on.
Right now, you just want to get into the groove of writing. So you're starting by jotting down some notes.
Once you have some ideas mapped out, dedicate an hour each day to writing.
Just an hour.
Experienced copywriters can knock out two to four finished pages in an hour. Rookies are much, much slower.
Still, if you only get one page done, you've still got that page.
In a week, you'll be done. Having invested just a single hour a day.
Consider this: The average direct mail letter is around eight pages long. A full page ad in a magazine is around two pages of manuscript. With air, and graphics, and photos... eight pages can easily translate to the twelve page (and longer) ads you see so often online.
However long it takes you to get those pages written... once they are written, you've got your copywriting on.
Heck... so what if it takes you two weeks to get those pages finished? If you just sit around and tremble at the task of copywriting, you'll never get anywhere.
Break it down. Put a single hour of effort into it. And let it add up, like money in the bank.
Small increments of movement equal, eventually, huge distances covered.
Just get over the nagging voice in your head that says ...You should have done this last month! Screw that voice. It's not trying to help, it's trying to keep you from changing.
If you've been wasting two hours a night in front of the tube or the X-box, you're in luck, dude. Take HALF that time, and get moving.
Good luck...and by the way, there is more copywriting and marketing strategies, tactics and inspiration on my blog. Check it out.
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