Dogs and Kids Comparison

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So many times I've seen this sort of thing happen, with both dogs and kids.
Most of the time it's just a simple lack of understanding and communication.
Training a dog is really not much different from training your child.
The biggest things your household needs to do is:
  1. set ground rules,
  2. have a schedule and
  3. agree on disciplinary actions.
Whatever you are trying to do will not be accomplished without these things.
Another thing you will need to do is understand that at first your dog's mind is that of a child.
If you tell a child to do something and they get it half right, you don't beat it.
At least I hope not.
You let it know you are upset, mostly with the tone of your voice, then show it the right way.
If you don't or if there are conflicts in the disciplinary actions that are taken, you will only confuse it and make the situation worse.
I only know this because not only have I literally been around dogs and children my entire life.
I've raised dogs from the day they were born until the day they died.
I've done it for the last 30 years and am still doing it.
Almost the same with children.
My mom was a single parent so I helped raise my younger brother and many cousins throughout my life.
Then I had my own, raised them and some of their friends.
I have about 50 young people now, only 3 are my blood but the rest call me mom.
The biggest thing that alphas need to understand is, it's hard being young and learning all these new things for the first time.
It can be just as hard for older ones but it can happen.
This is where a lot of understanding and patience comes in.
Just like with a child, when you get a puppy, your life is over until that pup is trained.
That's why the first things I mentioned are very important.
Your entire household has to work as a team and not undermine each other.
Another thing to remember is do your homework on the type of dog you want.
Make sure you are able to meet that dog's needs.
If you can not meet the needs, maybe that is not the right dog for you at this time.
Maybe later, you never know.
Example: If you live in a one bedroom apartment, don't get a Greyhound.
Those dogs need to run.
So, you see, it is kind of the same as a child.
Just like it's your responsibility to be a good parent, it's also your responsibility to be a good dog owner.
Yes, with pets come responsibility.
It is not only up to you to feed, water, love and bathe your dog.
It is up to you to take care of all medical needs (including getting them fixed) and much more.
I have seen trained dogs and I've seen well-trained dogs.
Trained dogs do what they're told to out of fear.
Well trained dogs do what they're told to out of respect and love.
Dogs and kids aren't so different after all, huh?
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