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Being single in Boston isn't the worst thing; there are a seemingly endless amount of activities and things to do in this great city. But believe it or not, it can be very difficult to meet other singles and start dating in Boston! Despite the plethora of things to do, Boston simply is a tough place to meet other singles. So if you are single in Boston and looking to date, how can you meet others? Simple: Try the online dating Boston offers!

Boston is home to some of the greatest dating sites in America. There are some dating sites that are mainstream and appeal to everyone, such as Match or Eharmony, and others that are tailored to a specific group of people. For example, if you are a reader, there are dating sites that cater to book lovers. If you love to write, you can find sites devoted to writers. No matter what your hobby or interest, you can find a site and start dating in Boston in no time!

There is one site that stands out amongst the online dating Boston offers. This site is called TruConnection, and it is marketed as a place to write and meet others. Unlike many dating sites where you need to complete lengthy questionnaires or personality tests, TruConnection operates under the premise that what your write, and your photo, is the best first impression when meeting online.

Many singles in Boston may read that and think, ‘I am not a write, I don't think this site is for me'. However, consider this: do you use Twitter or Facebook? Do you update your statuses, or post things on friends' walls? All of this is considered writing on TruConnection, and all of it opens a window into who you are. So when you are on the site searching for others, you will not be able to search based on income, education, height, or any other data points. You simple choose the neighborhood closest to you, and you are presented with a list of singles – their photos, and their writing. If you like what you see, you can send them a message. If you want, you can ask them about their social habits, education, and whatever else is important to you. But the first impression you have of them is not these things; it is their photo and writing.

Dating in Boston doesn't have to be so hard – sign up for TruConnection today!
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