Avoiding Work-At-Home Isolation

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Working at home has many advantages.
You don't have to spend three dollars a gallon for gas so that you can fight your way through traffic before work and after work.
You can be your own boss and decide what hours you will work.
Despite the many advantages of Working at home, it is hard to see that all those advantages can have a downside.
Even though you loved it when you started working at home, the peace and quiet of your home office can seem isolating at times.
If you feel isolated, it is hard to remember that you're not getting interrupted any more or that you don't have to worry about office politics anymore.
Here are a few suggestions to avoid that work-at-home isolation: 1.
Join an online community of others who work at home.
There are dozens, maybe hundreds of them out there.
Attend real-world seminars that relate to your work.
You'll learn things you need to know and meet others who are in your field.
Join a local gym...
you need the exercise anyway.
Plan a family get-together.
It's easy to cut yourself off from family and friends when you work at home.
You have to actively seek social activities.
Take a vacation.
Those are just a few ideas to help combat the isolation of working at home.
You can probably come up with a dozen more if you put your mind to it.
Basically the idea is to reach out to the world to come to you and get involved with you.
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