A guide to underfloor heating

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A guide to hydronic radiant heat systems

Under tile systems are very popular these days with prices coming down it is an cost effective means to heating your home. Radiant heat systems are energy-efficient.

Using hydronic radiant heat systems results in a consistent, comfortable and regulated temperature that radiates from the floor. You will feel warmer at lower temperatures.And you will lower your heating bills and energy usage, while increasing your comfort level.

Introduction to floor heating

The hot water of the underfloor heating is pushed around your home through grids of plastic piping. Most often, these  pipes are layed within your floor .They allow the heat to  flow  evenly across the entire floor surface.

Regulated Room Temperatures

Under floor Heating provides unrivelled comfort as the whole floor discharges heat from the ground up, giving consistent heat evenly across the room.
With hydronic radiant heat systems cold floors are a thing of the past. Tiles will never be cold, instead, your floors will have a gentle warmth that makes your house feel comfortable whatever the weather.

With advances in design and installation techniques it is now possible to install underfloor heating into existing floor joists and also below hardwood floors, laminates, carpets and vinyl flooring. This means that all standard flooring options are available to homeowners who want hydronic radiant heat .

How does it work?

The reason why hydronic radiant heat systems work is because the way heat transfers takes place.

Under floor Heating works so effectively at keeping your home warm because it utilizes radiation and conduction in the heat transfer.

Electrical systems.

Their easy installation and flexibility allows homeowners to have the luxury of radiant heat in the areas where they most need it. Bathrooms, kitchens, Ensuites,

An electric floor system is far cheaper when compared to hydronic heat. And easy to install.
Most kits are rated at 160 watts per square metre and include a digital thermostat with room and floor temperature sensor. 160 Watts per square meter is recommended for use in any area of the home or workplace, they can be used directly on any subfloor and with any floor covering. When used with tiles or stone the mat is simply encased in a layer of tile adhesive, for all other floor coverings a 8mm layer of self levelling compound is required to cover them.
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