Natural Anti Itch Method - How to Stop Itching and Scratching

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If you are looking for a natural anti itch solution to stop itching and scratching, then you will find some helpful advice here.
There are different methods for dealing with itchy feelings.
For example if you have a mosquito bite or something like that and just need temporary relief some topical treatments will usually do.
If you have a more persistent problem and issues with chronic itching or reoccurring itching, then other approaches are better.
If you just have a mosquito bite and need quick relief, a bit of tiger balm or aloe vera can provide some relief.
Just apply it repeatedly and cool the itching place on your skin, either by blowing on it or by applying ice or cold water in a bag.
Itch Logbook An itch logbook is kind of a diary in which you write down on what day and at what time you feel itchy, where on your body, and also how intense the itch is.
The intensity of itching can be rated on a scale of 1-10, it's up to your subjective perception to rate how bad the itch is.
The purpose of this is to recognize patterns and maybe be able to identify causing agents.
Food For chronic itchiness there are several things you can and should try for relief.
Consider food allergies for example - many people react to some food products sensitive which causes the itching to be more intensive.
Sometimes it can be exotic ingredients, chemical food additives or natural everyday foods.
Quite a few people are actually sensitive to diary products.
Write down in a sort of logbook what you eat.
Skin Products Sometimes a perfume, a soap, a powder or makeup can irritate your skin and make it feel itchy.
These ones are the most easy to identify, but just make sure to check if you are using anything on your skin that could cause it.
Also consider washing detergents you use for your clothing.
The Power of Your Mind The power of your mind is very important too.
It is true that you feel itchy on your skin - but ultimately, it is your brain that processes the sensation of itchiness and makes you notice it.
With certain kinds of concentration techniques, you can "switch off" the itchy feeling.
This natural anti itch approach is good because it builds on common everyday phenomena.
For example, have you ever cut yourself a bit and only notice it later? This often happens when we are concentrated on something, our mind is occupied with something, and we fail to notice the pain of the cut for a moment.
Only when we notice it do we also notice the pain in these situations.
The same is true for itchiness too: your mind has the ability to intensify, reduce and even switch of the itching.
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