Why You Must Sign Up Now for Canada"s National Do Not Call List

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Now more than ever, you need to sign up for the DNCL, Canada's National Do Not Call List. Keep reading to find out why!
Here's the scenario: You're sitting around the dinner table with your family and the phone rings. You're wondering: Who's calling me at dinnertime? Chances are, however, you already suspect the call is from a telemarketing company. Next you wonder: How did they get my phone number?
If you're concerned about how telemarketers get your phone number, you have more reason than ever to be worried. For the first time ever, the Canadian government is selling your personal contact information, including your phone numbers, to interested marketing firms. Previously, when marketers wanted to contact you, they would buy or rent a list of information from a company that collected information on you. This list would include details such as what city or town you live in and your postal code. The good thing was that these lists typically did not contain a complete set of information.
Things have changed. Marketers no longer look to third-party list brokers for your contact information. They don't have to! The government of Canada will gladly sell them a complete set of your information. That's right! The Canadian government is now in the business of selling your information! And, unlike the previous lists, the information that is now sold is even more complete. That means that, for the first time ever, thanks to the government, telemarketing companies now have access to your cell phone number.
Worried? Here's the solution.
Step 1: Register both your landline number and cell phone number to the DNCL! It's the only way to prevent your information from being shared. What's more, unless you sign up for Canada's DNCL, your contact information will automatically be included in the information that's sold to telemarketers. If you don't want your information shared, you need to take action and sign up for the DNCL. This will protect you from Canadian marketing firms with agents calling from within Canada.
Step 2: For more complete protection, submit both your landline number and cell phone number to the Do Not Call Registry in the United States. This will shield you from calls from American firms.
Be warned, though! Registering for Canada's DNCL will not eliminate all telemarketing calls. Even after you've registered, the government allows the following organizations to still call your numbers:
• Canadian registered charities
• Political parties
• Newspapers (for subscriptions)
• Firms you have existing relationships with
• Companies you have recently purchased goods from
• Market research firms
And if you own a business, you're out of luck. DNCL rules do not apply to telemarketing calls made to businesses.
You can protect your personal information by acting now. For instructions on how to sign up for the DNCL, please view our first video called "Stop Telemarketers with DNCL".
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