Other Medical Home Concept Was Developed

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technical assistance which works include consultation schools other resources to evaluate employer-based wellness programs up build the valuation capacity among workplace staff training employers and cuddles always employer-based wellness programs of both these four points are very important because again there's been a lot of talk lot of interest and wellness at this point the nothing much put together to evaluate and document meant return on investment for these programs the last point there would be it conduct national work-site health policies and programs for but to assess employer-based health toxics I will say at this point there CDC Texas authority runs with a XP great benefit.
but a comment others are going to have to interact closely with CDC make sure the CDC uses a system already unity and provides a benefit anticipated benefits again I think this is an area for corporate medicine could be very helpful in helping develop the role CDC should play in exercising this is the word next flight again this is the be in service for employers employees suspect wellness programs up well the key points is a second bullet their employers must offer an alternative standard individuals for whom it's difficult or advisable to meet standard this would include a person with that with a heart problem for example who would not be able to say participate and job exercise program exciting there's been a lot of talk in a lot of interest in the whole concept to the patient entered medical home patient-c entered medical.
home in the use of that concept to deliver affordable health care is an important part up the health reform at there's a state option to provide health homes for chronic conditions secure and is viewed by many as demonstration project to as a first step to demonstrate the value of the patient-c entered medical home sectors created a pericardia accountable care organization again as a demonstration program project there's status within the Centre for Medicare and Medicaid enter for innovation is also an advanced primary care coverage traction project patient-cantered medical home is a important issue for occupational medicine for corporate medicine it is still unclear to me and others how occupational medicine Corp. medicine work within the patient-c entered medical home I'll as you well know officious Garcinia Cambogia Infusion other medical home concept was developed by other medical special ties up and so we're looking a compass looking help fast to interact with patient-cantered medical home as he's demonstration projects go forward in the next few years how occupational and corporate medicines king can participate think again this is attest.
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