The Evolv Water Guy Discusses The Fast Start Bonus and Pre Enrollment

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massive and quick expansion. The "Fast Start Bonus" is to entice and garner team building duplication for the The company wants its new distributors to get off the ground fast and more profitable. The company is in the business of selling water by creating eager and profitable

The new distributor has the opportunity to earn 25% on first orders from their new distributors (within the first 30 days). Evolv will also add another Fast Start Bonus of 10% of orders of the the new distributors new distributors followed by another 10% beneath the second level. This Fast Start Bonus has the purpose of promoting duplication of your new Evolv business. The company knows many new distributors will be new to the MLM business world and want those new people to see a paycheck as quickly as possible.

This is also where the Pre Enrollment period comes in as well. By encouraging new Pre-enrollees to start building their teams prior to the launch of the product, the company is giving excited business builders the opportunity to solidify their spot within the compensation plan. Once the launch of the Evolv Health venture begins the Fast Start Bonus program will put immediate checks into the pockets of new distributors helping to make the product a successful launch.

become profitable in their new Evolv Health business. Is this a ground floor opportunity? I don't know. All new MLM businesses are ground floor opportunities. I do know the company is taking some extra steps to make it easier for the new MLMer to make money and also to get the company profitable quickly by having a successful launch. After the initial explosive phase, the desire and the skill of the distributor will come Fast Start Bonuses and extra commission kickers typically only produce an initial pop. It is the well trained army of distributors and how consistently they do what it takes to become successful in their new venture that produces an ongoing profitable business.

You can also see why The Evolv Water Guy dominates the popular Google search terms for Evolv and why it is critical for your new MLM business to know how to use these marketing tactics to explode your downline.
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