Get Paid Taking Surveys - The Myths Exposed

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It is relatively easy to get paid taking surveys but there is so much misleading information about this opportunity to make money from home that many take part and then quit labeling the opportunity a scam.
The misleading information surrounds how much money you can make from online surveys.
Numerous sites claim that surveys can make you thousands of dollars a week and all for virtually no time and effort on your behalf.
This however is far from the truth.
Paid surveys are legitimate but they are never in a million years going to make you rich.
To make a decent amount from them also takes a little more effort than many are lead to believe.
To get plenty of income opportunities with them you need to join as many companies as you can that offer them and this is where the effort comes in that people aren't willing to do.
The hardest part of taking online surveys is finding the companies and then completing your personal profiles with each company.
The first part can take an eternity if done on your own so I would recommend the best way to get the companies is to pay a small fee and join a surveys directory.
The filling in of your profile repeatedly can become very tedious and frustrating but it has to be done if you want to be successful.
Your profile is used by the companies to see which ones you are eligible for and without a complete profile to check on they will just assume you are the opposite of what they are looking for.
An helpful tool to help complete the profile stages quicker is to use a free auto form filler such as Roboform.
Provided you don't fall into the trap of believing you can get paid taking surveys online and become rich doing it and you are willing to put in a little effort initially then theyare the simplest and best work from home opportunity you can take part in.
Established survey takers can make between $500 and $2000 a month but only if they put in the initial effort.
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