Review: Scott Monge, Legal Counselor for Car and Truck Accidents

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Anyone who has tried to deal with a motor vehicle insurance company by themselves in the wake of a car accident knows how frustrating and fruitless it can be.

The problem is compounded if the car or truck accident resulted in a serious injury or the death of a beloved family member. Not only does the family have to deal with all the insurance companies involved, they must deal with hospital stays, frequent outpatient doctor follow up visits, making funeral arrangements, dealing with the grief and shock of the death, supporting children emotionally and financially, including surviving children after an accident that results in loss of life, etc.

It is simply too overwhelming to deal with all of these difficult situations and with being on hold with insurance companies for hours, chasing down police reports and emergency room medical records, finding a new car or rental, arguing with bosses, etc.
Scott Monge can provide help. He has been providing excellent legal counsel for the victims of car and truck accidents for 15 years successfully, and he can take a lot of the burden off your shoulders.
As a personal injury attorney serving the residents of Georgia for many years, he has seen countless insurance carriers and companies try their best to take advantage of the difficult situation accident victims find themselves in. 

•    They know that, in general, victims of motor vehicle accidents and their families do not know their rights.

•    They know that is extremely difficult for individuals with continuing responsibilities to gather all the documents they would need to receive a maximum payout for their case on their own.

•    They rely on you and your family being too overwhelmed or stricken with grief to get them out of their obligations.

If the accident was the result of the dangerous practices of a trucking industry employer, such as a commercial transportation, interstate trucking or delivery truck corporation, those responsible will do their best to prevent families and injured individuals from making claims against them.

If you were the driver of an 18 wheeler or commercial transportation  vehicle and your accident and resulting injury was because you had to miss precious sleep to meet deadlines, of if you have developed a disability from long hours driving, Scott Monge can help you too.
Scott Monge is specifically an accident attorney, so he doesn't just know personal injury laws, he understands the injuries themselves medically and how they impact your claim, as well as the many different ways insurance carriers and corporations try to avoid paying or being brought to justice. He will take up your fight and go after them aggressively.

As a legal counselor, Scott Monge has brought many claims to court and successfully won for his clients against large companies with teams of lawyers and deep pockets. He fights for victims and their families and will not counsel them to settle out of court simply to take the easier course of action.

If you have been injured in a car accident or a truck accident, call him for a free initial consultation today.
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