How to Make Your Fonts in Color

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    PC or Mac Applications

    • 1). Select the color font icon in the toolbar of your program. This font icon often looks like the capital letter "A" and has a colored bar underneath it. For example, in Word, Excel or other Office programs, when you first open a blank page, the color underneath the "A" is red. Click the little arrow next to it to open a pane of colors. Select the color you want.

    • 2). Begin typing your text. Your text will appear in the color you selected. All text that you type from that point forward will be that color. To change your font to a different color, click the icon again to select a new color. The "A" icon in the toolbar will now display the latest color you selected.

    • 3). Highlight existing text in your document that you want to have in a different color. For example, if you already have an existing document, select the text by clicking and dragging your mouse.

    • 4). Click the down arrow next to the "A" color font icon and select a color. The color you select will apply just to that portion of text you highlighted.

    Internet Applications

    • 1). Select the "T" font icon with a picture of a palette next to it in the toolbar of the application. This font icon is often used in Web-based applications such as Gmail, Yahoo mail or Internet forums. You will get a pane of color options.

    • 2). Choose the color you want. Begin typing text. All text that you type from that point forward will have that color.

    • 3). Highlight existing text in your document, email or forum post and click the "T" icon.

    • 4). Select the color you want. The portion you highlighted will now take on the color you selected.

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