Products That Perform Well In An Infomercial

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Many top performing products in infomercials share a common set attributes, even though they are in vastly different product categories. Some of the top performing products you might remember are: Malibu Pilates, Magic Bullet, Carlton Sheets Real Estate Course, Dean Martin Roast, and Magic Jack. This article will discuss some of the similarities that helped make these products winners.

Appeal to Target Audience

While these successful products have extremely different target audiences, the target audiences are fairly large. Is your potential customer base very large or is it very small? The size of your customer base will help you determine whether or not an infomercial is worth producing. In general, products that have mass appeal will be best for infomercials than products that have small niche markets. Too small of an audience will limit potential sales and those sales may not make up the production costs of the infomercial.


These products also had a fairly low purchase price. While some high-priced products have been marketed via an infomercial, the most common price range is ten to fifty dollars. At this price, consumers are still willing to whip out their credit card or checks and impulse buy and marketers are still able to recover costs.

Low Involvement

Through product demonstrations, there is little information search required by consumers. These products are low involvement purchases. Generally, the higher the price of a product, the more involved a consumer is in its purchase. If the consumer is more involved in the purchase, they are out doing extra research, and the effectiveness of infomercial is dramatically decreased. This is because infomercials rely on purchases during or immediately after the spot airs.

In general, there are many reasons why some products perform well with infomercials and some don't. While the quality of the product sometimes otherwise suggests, there is much research that goes into making an infomercial. It's a specific science.
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