Even Ships Adrift End Up Somewhere

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Everyone faces a crisis in life from time to time.
Personally, I think I've had enough for several lifetimes.
Sometimes life is compared to a boat on the sea, over which you're the captain and navigator.
You know where you want to go, but there are elements out of your control.
Storms can threaten to sink your ship, unknown currents can send you way off course, and in the end your destination may be so difficult to reach that you settle for somewhere else.
There are times that for whatever reason you may feel that you no longer have control over your life, that you're no longer the 'captain' of your boat, that your floundering in the middle of the sea with no rudder, at the mercy of the currents and the winds.
Have hope! We all feel like that sometimes.
There is nothing wrong with hoisting a big SOS over your ship either.
We get by with a little help from our friends.
If it's a rudder you need, a friend may have an extra or help you to repair yours.
He can even tug you if necessary.
But what if friends can't help you in your time of crisis? What if you just lost a good job and have a family to take care? Things in life can be scary.
But keep looking- something helpful is bound to appear on the horizon.
Don't worry about crashing in rocks or ending up stranded on some tiny island.
The sea is big, and the tiny islands are tiny.
Just wait and keep faith, someone will see that you are need and help you.
Maybe no one will give you your old job back, but things might just turn out far merrier than they were when you had that job.
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