The Best Way to Clean Car Glass

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    Wash, Then Polish

    • Polish your car's windows with a glass cleaner after you wash the glass to yield better results, according to Use a tightly woven detailing towel along with plain water and some liquid soap to wash the windows in your car inside and out as a first step in the cleaning process. Get all of the road film, dust and bugs off the outside of the windows, and remove the film left by the gaseous materials emitted from the plastics inside the car, as well as any handprints or soil left by passengers. Dry the water with a clean, dry towel that will not leave lint behind.

      Mix your own glass cleaner by combining one part white vinegar with two parts water in a spray bottle. This is an ammonia-free mixture that will not damage vinyl, rubber or leather. You will also avoid hazardous fumes while using nonammonia cleaner. Use newspaper to wipe off the cleaner when polishing the glass.

    Work From Convenient Locations

    • Clean glass more thoroughly by working from a convenient location inside the car, according to Begin on the driver's-side door. Sit in the seat and open the door, and roll down the driver's window halfway. Clean the top part of the glass with the cleaner and newspaper and allow it to dry completely. Roll the window back up, and clean the rest of the window.

      Move to the passenger's seat and repeat the process on the passenger's side window. Also clean the windshield from this position, as your movement will not be restricted by the steering wheel.

      Move to the rear as the final part of your cleaning process. Sit in the back seat and clean the backseat windows in the same way you did the front. Save the rear window for last.

      Use the backside of your hand against the newspaper to wipe down the inside of the window. This makes it easier for you to reach without having to twist yourself into uncomfortable positions. Use the cleaner on the outside of the glass as well.

    Don't Overlook Corners

    • Over time there will be dirt and grime built up in the corners of the windows. Don't overlook it. Use a toothbrush to scrub out corners and loosen the buildup, then wipe it away using the glass cleaner and newspaper.

    Keep It Cool

    • Choose a time to clean the glass in your car when the glass will be cool. Avoid cleaning glass in the direct sunlight. The cleaner will evaporate too fast and the sun in your eyes may cause you to miss spots.

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