Take Me to Google

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Take me to Google the crowd cheer.
The amazing story of Google continues with almost every web surfer shouting "take me to Google" before researching any topic! Even just a decade ago nobody online would be thinking take me to Google as giants such as MSN, Yahoo and Alta Vista were the dominant forces in online search engines.
It is no surprise that web surfers are demanding "take me to Google" as Google have now improved their search engine to incorporate not only web pages but also video and image sources to improve the user experience and provide more accurate results.
You may be using Google and people search or even searching for a Google top placement for your own website but the fact remains that Google are the number one search engine due to their unique marketing campaigns and embracing modern technology to connect with the internet.
Even teachers in School are encouraging kids to ask "take me to Google" as a recent visit to my own children's parents night highlighted the amazing power of the Google brand as their computer room had posters on the wall simply stating "http://www.
com" Just think about that for a minute, how powerful is that when even the school are trusting Google to display suitable results for the children! Even my local library have embraced the "take me to Google" idea as the default home page is Google which yet again highlights the trust from a major educational outlet which will be duplicated by many of it's consumers of course.
Interesting times lie ahead in the battle for search engine dominance as Bill Gates invests heavily in MSN live search technology and other social networking markets emerge but Google will no doubt be watching closely with more products planned to maintain the trust they enjoy from many market areas.
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