How to Use Water Jugs for Slow Watering of Plants

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    Right Side Up

    • 1). Drill or punch eight to 10 small holes in the bottom of a clean plastic soda or water bottle, or some other type of water jug.

    • 2). Add small gravel through the bottle opening until you have a layer of 1 to 2 inches in the bottom of the bottle. This helps weight the bottle down so that it doesn't tip over in the wind.

    • 3). Fill the bottle 3/4 full with water, then put the cap back on lightly.

    • 4). Set the bottle near the plant to which you want to provide slow drip watering.

    • 5). Refill the bottle with water as needed.

    Upside Down

    • 1). Drill or punch four to six small holes in the cap of a plastic soda or water bottle.

    • 2). Cut the lower section of the bottle off 2 to 3 inches from the bottom.

    • 3). Put the cap back on the bottle, then bury the cap end 2 to 3 inches in soil next to the plant for which you want to provide slow watering.

    • 4). Pour water into the open end of the bottle and refill as needed.

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