Small Vending Machines

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Small vending machines allow you to get great vending values out of a small vending space.
They are perfect for grocery stores, specialty shops, discount stores, barber or beauty shops, department stores, indoor swap meets or flea markets, convenience stores, and pharmacies.
Small vending machines are also ideal for government buildings such as city halls and local social service offices.
Trouble free service, high capacity, and reduced service calls are the advantages of small vending machines.
Due to their small size, small vending machines can be placed in many more places than a cola or snack machine can.
Tempered glass panel, real time clock, lighting and refrigeration control, full range diagnostic menus, and durable powder coated finishes are the major features of many small vending machines.
Some of them are small enough to be hung on a wall.
Small vending machines offer convenience, competitive pricing, and product availability in locations that do not have room for large commercial equipment.
They are very simple to operate allowing easy installation and servicing.
Most of them are mechanical and there are no batteries to replace.
For operation, no electricity is required and can be installed in any indoor location.
For easy servicing, cash boxes are supplied in small vending machines.
Most small vending machines have maintenance free coin mechanisms and robust metal construction.
Depending on coin thickness, many of them receive up to 4 or 5 coins.
All cabinets and coin mechanisms in small vending machines are manufactured in metal.
Each coin is checked individually by separate inbuilt coin holders.
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