How to Use Quaker State Gear Oil

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    • 1). Raise the vehicle, using a floor jack, and secure is by placing jack stands beneath the frame rails and lowering the vehicle until it is only on the stands.

    • 2). Crawl under the vehicle and locate the differential "pumpkin," the large globe-like part in the center of the axle. Slide the drain pan under the "pumpkin."

    • 3). Loosen and remove the bolts holding the cover to the "pumpkin," using a ratchet and socket. Pry the cover off the "pumpkin" using a screwdriver and allow the old gear oil to flow into the drain pan.

    • 4). Scrape any old sealer from the "pumpkin" cover and the "pumpkin," using a razor blade scraper, to assure a clean seal between the two.

    • 5). Place a bead of RTV sealant around the mating surface of the "pumpkin" cover and place the cover on the "pumpkin." Tighten the "pumpkin" bolts, in a crisscross pattern, using a ratchet and socket.

    • 6). Remove the cap from the Quaker State gear oil and cut at the line on the nozzle marked "1/2-inch," or above it, with scissors.

    • 7). Loosen and remove the check/fill screw on the "pumpkin" cover, using a 3/4-inch ratchet. Insert the free end of the rubber tube into the hole in the "pumpkin" cover and squeeze the Quaker State gear oil to fill the rear differential.

    • 8). Repeat steps 6 through 7 until the Quaker State gear oil begins flowing from the hole in the "pumpkin" cover; this means the rear differential is full.

    • 9). Remove the hose from the "pumpkin" and tighten the check/fill screw onto the "pumpkin" cover, using a 3/4-inch ratchet

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      Raise the vehicle from the jack stands, with a floor jack, and remove the jack stands from under the vehicle. Lower the vehicle to the ground.

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      Dispose of the old gear oil at a local auto parts store or other proper facility.

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