What Can a Subliminal MP3 Actually Do?

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What is a Subliminal MP3? Well, the word subliminal refers to operations which take place below the conscious or awareness level of the brain but are immediately registered and processed by the subconscious level.
After many scientific studies, it has been concluded that the left side of the brain is the seat of analysis, reasoning, and the center of resistance.
On the other hand, the right side of the brain is often referred to as the creative side, which is also the sector where our inner feelings reside.
The right side of the brain is also believed to be the source of subconscious learning.
Just as the brain compartmentalizes, it could be said to have a special format for each side.
This in many ways relates to what a MP3 is and how it works.
An MP3 is a special format used for the purpose of compressing audio data.
For most people, the primary use of an MP3 is a compression scheme used to download audio files from the internet to a portable player.
When the audio file is playing, both sides of the brain are being tapped at the same time.
As the sound reaches both sides of the brain simultaneously, the right and left sides of the brain is said to be connected with each other.
The right side, which is really the subconscious side, immediately understands and accepts the message it is hearing and prevents the left side, the conscious side, from fighting or putting up resistance.
The reason the conscious sector of the brain can not put up any resistance is because listening to the message coming through the MP3 player requires no real conscious effort on the part of the listener.
This is so as the conscious mind is not aware that any stimulation is taking place at the subliminal level.
Thus it is possible to bypass the conscious sector's area of resistance.
One of the techniques used in these downloaded messages is to have a part of the message delivered in what is referred to as a 'whisper volume'.
While this is occurring, the subconscious mind is alerted to hear, understand, and accept the entire message and therefore, registering it as a mental order or command.
The subtlety of this technique is that the conscious sector of the brain only detects part of the message and hence no resistance flags are raised.
There are hundreds of topics that can be downloaded for MP3 messages.
Some of the main topics available are used for weight loss and brain training.
Some of the most popular topics are those that address various addictions, other health-related issues, personal development and financial mastery.
It is possible to use this method to reprogram the subconscious.
These available programs are able to teach you how to create successful images and reach new goals using positive affirmation.
Another type of subliminal MP3 is called silent subliminal.
In this case, there is sound occurring but the only the subconscious mind actually hears the message.
Since the conscious level is not able to detect any sound, the subconscious level of the brain is free and in total control of the mind.
Thus, it can take in and process the message without any help or interruption by the conscious mind.
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