Caulking Around Exterior Windows

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Even if you replaced your windows in recent years sometimes the age of houses cause drafts to enter.
An easy way to close those holes is through Caulking.
Windows may be in excellent condition but surrounding areas may have cracked due to the house settling, constant opening and closing of windows with excessive force, or harsh weather conditions.
Three reasons to caulk are: • To stop moisture from entering the home.
• To stop insects from entering the home.
• To be more energy efficient.
Caulking is not a difficult job, though it may get a little messy at first.
Places to caulk are where siding, shingles or other material meets the windows.
Preparation: Useful tools include a putty knife, razor, and sand paper; a damp rag to wipe down surfaces; caulk and a caulking gun.
The caulking gun is inexpensive and necessary and outdoor caulk should only be used outdoors since fumes may be harmful if inhaled inside.
Some exterior caulking may require standing on a ladder.
If so it may be beneficial to have someone aid you by securing the ladder.
Ok, here's how to get started: 1.
Caulking should be done on warm dry days.
You should use only silicone based caulk for exterior caulking.
Clean the exterior area that needs to be caulked removing old caulk, dirt, old paint, or other debris.
Make sure the surface has no dust or residue left on it that may effect how the caulk sticks and dries.
If a hole or crevice is wider than ¼ inch or deeper than ½ inch use an open-cell foam backer rod, a piece of rope, paper, or wood to fill the space before caulking.
Trying to fill it with caulk is a waste.
Apply caulk with the caulking gun holding it at a 45 degree angle.
Judge for yourself the appropriate pressure to get a good clean line.
Smoothen with a smoothening tool.
Smoothening is important as it establishes the final part of the sealing process.
You may also use a finger but its best to not to directly expose skin to possible chemicals in the caulking.
If you choose to use a finger wear a glove.
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