Avoid Scam Surveys and Locate High Paying Legit Sites Today

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You can skip past scam surveys pretty easily, but can you locate the high paying legit ones? That's the million dollar question that most people never find the answer to.
In fact, only about 15% of men and women wind up finding the highest paying survey sites.
It's a real shame.
There's a quick solution to avoiding scam surveys and locating the high paying legit ones, though, and I'll tell it to you right now.
All of this is going to be extremely simple.
There's nothing complicated about it.
There are only two small tips you need.
They might be small tips, but they will greatly affect the kinds of survey websites you get to.
Here is tip number one of skipping past scam surveys, while easily finding the legit ones that give you the most cash for your effort.
This first tip is simple.
Stop using search engines to look for survey websites.
It might sound drastic, but it's also very necessary.
Absolutely none of the top dollar survey sites are going to show up in their listings.
It is always a huge listing of bottom paying websites.
You might not get hit with scam surveys in their listings, but you aren't going to find the higher paying ones, either.
Now that we have that point out of the way, let get to the good stuff.
Here's the deal.
All you need to skip past scam surveys, while finding the higher paying legit ones is something you might already be familiar with.
I am talking about forums.
Large forums to be exact.
I say to use large forums because one one main reason.
You are going to get the most honest info on survey websites here.
It can be very hard to pull up honest info on this subject, as you may know, but you can find tons of it here.
The part of the forum you need is the archive section.
It's a huge database of all of their past topics.
The best art is that sot large forums will have a massive amount of topics on various survey related subjects.
This is all you need, because a little browsing will lead you to so many posts where people have share their knowledge and info, including the websites they are now earning the most money.
You can also get inside info on which scam surveys have popped up.
Everything you need is here and you get it from real life people who are just like you and I.
You don't have to worry much about scam surveys in this day and age, but you do have to worry about getting the most cash for your effort.
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