Deep Sea Fishing in Montauk

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The town of Montauk is located on the tip of Long Island in New York, and when it comes to deep sea fishing, the distance and travel time to the ocean is much shorter than most other coastal towns along the eastern seaboard.
After a brief 25-mile trip (as compared to an 80-mile journey), you will that find an abundance of blue marlin, dolphin, and even shark are there to meet you.
Tuna is considered to be the "dream catch" here, and some of them tip the scales at 1,000 pounds.
In the hot, humid days of July and August, the fish that usually float near the surface seek less shallow waters, and doing this in Montauk is at its peak.
Along with that, much of the fish's feeding activity is restricted to early morning and late afternoon or evening, setting the stage for an enjoyable day trip on the ocean.
Surrounded on three sides by water, the town is also close to the Gulf Stream, and that affects the climate there.
As a rule, in winter, the summer temperature is 10 degrees cooler and the winter temperature is 10 degrees warmer than most of the New York metropolitan area and the conditions are ideal for deep sea fishing.
Going to a marina Because of the quality and popularity of deep-sea fishing here, Montauk's experienced charter boat captains and guides are happy to inform visitors that the town has long been known as "The Sport Fishing Capital of the World.
" This activity here is truly spectacular and an experience that a true lover of the sport will not want to miss.
Today, they reap the benefits of Montauk's ongoing conservation efforts over the past 20 years, and many species of fish have made a definite comeback, especially the striped bass, and from May to November, anglers have an opportunity to catch a trophy-sized fish.
Flounder fishing also seems to appeal to both beginner and veteran anglers when they venture out on the ocean, and these fish generally fall within the 8- to 10-pound range.
Families have fun on the ocean Taking the family for a half-day deep sea trip is an ideal form of recreation when you are in Montauk.
No special training or preparation is required and a wide selection of boats is available.
Everyone in the family will enjoy the experience, and you can also stay within your budget while having a good time.
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