3 Power Principles To Gaining Clients And KEEPING Them

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I'm sure many sales agents, customer service reps, and companies understand that sales production is what keeps a company in business.
What they also know is that customer or client satisfaction is just as important.
After all, how can you build a great company when your existing clients are leaving just as fast as you are gaining new ones? Many sales agents and companies are in this sales "black hole" that I am referring to.
Not intentionally, but indirectly.
The problem is that every company and independent agent understands that keeping the client is important; the question is HOW DO YOU DO KEEP THEM?Well, in this article I will reveal to you three proven methods to make sure that you never run into this problem again.
With that being said, let's go to power principle #1.
Research This may seem self explanatory to some, but you would be astonished at how many companies and agents leave this one out.
Whatever market you are going to present your products or services to, you must do research.
This is broken down into two components.
Geographical and psychological research.
Let's start with the geographical.
If you are targeting a specific type of client lets say seniors for example, then you need to know where most seniors are located.
Find out what houses or developments contain this niche market.
Do an analysis in your county or surrounding areas and get the statistics you need on your target market.
Your time is valuable and you want to make it as effective as you can.
You can do that if you know the area you market to is swarming with the very people you target your business towards.
Your odds of contacting that specific prospect are increased dramatically.
Ok, now let's talk about the mental aspect of your research.
You have to think like your prospect.
This is extremely important and in most cases, ignored by agents.
Become your prospect.
Read books, publications, and resources that targets your prospect.
Find out what concerns them.
What they like to do and where they see themselves years from now.
You have to understand who your prospect is before you can help them along the way.
With that being said, let's go to power principle #2.
Rapport Many of us think that attaining rapport means to be some huge public speaker or top book author.
All of that is great from a general standpoint, but it doesn't start there.
Your reputation starts with your prospect and clients.
I see so many advertisements directed towards agents telling them to put their names on ghost written sales books.
Present themselves as the author to create a reputation that appeals to the client.
In some cases, that can be effective but in others it isn't.
The only sure way to gain the respect of your client and prospects are by directing your efforts towards them.
All the books, articles, and publications boasting about your accomplishments will come later.
Your main focus should be on your prospects and existing clients.
Everything else eventually follows and the best part is that your clients do the marketing FOR YOU! They are the foundation, the referral source, and the lifeline of any successful business.
Developing trust, and showing them that you genuinely care will do more for your business than anything else.
Don't be discouraged with this process because it just may take some time.
However, if you stick with this formula, you won't have to worry about respect and trust with your client base.
You will have EARNED it.
This leads us into our final power principle which is principle #3.
Results Out of all the principles, this principle is the most important.
I'm sure we've all heard the expression "actions speak louder than words".
This statement is even more precise in gaining and keeping clients.
Whatever you promise your client, you always deliver.
There are no excuses.
Clients pay attention to what you tell them, how you tell them, and if you're actually fulfilling your part of the deal.
Not following through with what you promise to do for your client spells trouble for you and your business.
You immediately become an unreliable source and your integrity is now questionable.
Clients want to know that you are reliable and that you will be there for them.
Have you ever expected someone to live up to expectations and they haven't? It doesn't feel too good and you lose confidence in that person.
Do not promise anything to your client that you cannot guarantee.
You have to follow through with EVERY thing you say to your client.
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