How to Make Roman Shades - Are You Still Trying to Find it Out?

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If instead of starting your DIY roman shades project you are still searching for free instructions of how to make them - then probably this article would be helpful for you.
A year ago my friend Ann tried to figure out how to make her own fabric shades.
Actually, at first she didn't plan to do them by herself.
All she wanted is to change her window dressing and to get new and beautiful roman shades instead of old and boring curtains.
The problem was that she wanted relaxed shades, but most companies make flat or hobbled style shades.
So she thought about doing them by herself.
My friend has some experience in sewing, but she never has made these shades before.
Ann started her online search for fabric window shades instructions and stumbled upon an e-book called "How to Make Roman Shades", but she still hoped to find free stuff online, so she kept searching.
Well, ultimately she found some useful tips for free.
The best of them were about importance of proper measurements and of being prepared with right fabrics and supplies.
OK, but it wasn't actually about making shades.
The additional problem was, as I said, that Ann wanted to sew relaxed shades and all instructions were...
- yes, you guessed right - they were for flat window shades.
At last my friend was so tired after these never-ending searches that she decided to return to "How to Make Roman Shades" book.
She bought it, read it and never regret about her purchase.
She found there:
  • A number of shades styles to choose from
  • A list of supplies (with photos) you will need for your window shades
  • Measurement instructions for inside and outside mounted window shades
  • Easy online calculator that calculates the amount of fabric needed (the advantage of digital book!)
  • Step by step video tutorials that show you the sewing process from the measurement to the installation (another advantage of e-book!)
  • And many other really useful things
Ann told me that she regrets only of how stupid she was to waste so much time searching for free instructions, instead of buying this book and starting her window shades project.
She made relaxed shades for her living room and was so happy with them that she has decided to start her next project - London shades for her bedroom.
Since then she made relaxed window shades for her sister's home and now is sewing flat roman shades for her friend.
She joined to dozens of exited readers (and users) of this e-book and now is seriously thinking about starting her own roman shades business.
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