How To Deal With a Break Up When You Live Together

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Many people who are in a troubled relationship find it quite hard when it comes down to the breakup and the situation of having to stay away from each other. At times changing location might not help in anything but just amount to change of residence that is it! What about getting over a breakup when you are still living with your ex? What do you do in case where each element of your life is at some point attached to them?

The scenario
For instance, you may have been together for about ten years, you probably have acquired a house and have kids. If the relationship is over and you all know that, you cannot just start to move away from either party like you had no bond. This forms the hardest state in this whole breakup thing. You probably would wish to part ways but family matters and other assets force you to stay together. In such a case, you can avail very few options.
You need to accept the breakup and then work towards a brighter future. In any case, both partners have to acknowledge that the relationship is over. In that case, you are able to reorganize your life even as you live together until you finally decide to make the last move. If you have kids, you need to exercise maturity. Do not in any case make the kids look like an obstacle between you. You need to show maturity when you are around your kids and make sure you share responsibility just like you used to do when you were in good terms.

It is important for you to also reorganize your finances. This, in fact, is the major reason why you cannot just break up even if you crave for that to happen any time soon. Maybe you got to a point where the money, which comes to the household, is used for raising kids and other needs in the house. You are under obligation to uphold this for the well-being of your kids.

If you have lost the bond and do not really see any possibility of a future together, you probably need to rethink the financial aspects which tie you together. If there are any cases where you may need the services of a financial advisor or attorney, make sure you seek these services in a timely manner to facilitate the financial part of the breakup. Even if your ex used to provide for you before, it is that time you cut that reliance and started seeking ways for being independent.If you think there is hope between you two, you may try working things out.

At times, you may be forced to move away from the other party for some time. You can even seek financial help from your ex as you move out but make sure that you maintain the contact level at the minimum. If things do not work this way, probably there might not be any future for you.

If in any case you have something that ties you together like kids or joint accounts, you may have to seek the services of an attorney.
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