How to Hit That Super Long 300 Yard Drive

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This article will give you step by step instructions on how to hit that super long 300 yard drive.
Everyone wants to be able to drive that little round golf ball 300 yards.
Some of us are capable of that while others are not.
Hopefully after reading this article you will be able to figure out your potential on hitting that super long drive.
The first step is to make sure you have a good driver that fits your swing.
That doesn't mean that you have to have a 46 or 48 inch driver either! Most PGA tour players use a driver that is between 44-46 inches.
According to Golf Digest, Sergia Garcia's driver isn't even 44 inches long.
He can still mash that ball upwards of 300 yards.
Using a super long driver is a big misconception in the golf world.
You need to find a driver where after you swing, the ball mark is directly in the center.
I suggest to experiment with different driver lengths to find the one that averages the most on-center hits.
Tom Wishon (one of the most famous golf club fitters/makers) claims that for each ball mark that is a 1/2 inch away from the center of the club, it could cost you 10-20 yards of distance.
So finding the proper lengh is very important.
Once you can figure out driver length, then you can figure out the correct loft.
Use different driver lofts to find out which one goes the furthest for you.
You will find a big difference in loft, you might also see that you need a higher loft than you previously have been using.
These two factors will help you find a driver that fits.
The second deciding factor in getting a super long drive is the speed of the swing.
The faster you swing the more mph you can get.
The more mph you get the further the ball will go.
This will relate to step one because a proper fit driver will help you obtain a fast swing.
Remember from step one, that the most important factor with golf is to hit the ball in the center of that driver.
You don't want to be costing yourself any extra distance.
Back to mph in your swing.
The swing mph will get translated into ball speed.
This is where a smash factor comes into play.
The smash factor is a conversion that takes the speed of the swing and translates it into the speed of the ball.
Normally a perfect smash factor is something like 1.
Professional golfers will have one anywhere from the 1.
35 - 1.
So basically if you can swing 100 mph with the club, the ball could be going anywhere from 135mph to 145pmh.
The faster the ball goes the further it will fly.
As you can see, swing speed is very important.
The third factor to get a super long drive deals again with this smash factor some more.
If you aren't able to time up that driver face with the ball, you will be putting extra spin on it.
This will be in a form of side spin.
The extra side spin will always lower the smash factor of the ball.
It could also have a visual effect on the ball.
You will see it flying or curving to the left or right.
Also called a hook/draw or a slice/fade.
The better the contact with the ball, the more smash factor imparted on the ball, the more distance you will get.
As you can see from the steps above there are many different factors involved in hitting a super long drive.
You have to get a driver that fits and you have to be able to swing fast.
Tour pros will swing anywhere from 105-120+ mph.
The higher ones will be the ones like Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, and Dustin Johnson.
They are they ones that can regularly hit the 300+ drivers.
I suggest you follow step one closely and practice swinging a more controlled and faster club.
Then maybe one day you will be able to crank out that super long 300 yard drive.
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