Rowing Machines The Perfect Workout

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Rowing machines are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to improving stamina, losing weight, strength training, and improved cardiovascular fitness.
They come closest to achieving a full body workout out of all the exercise equipment available.
They are an ideal choice for home exercise equipment, and some are compact enough to store under the bed or in a closet.
The rowing machine is popular because it offers low impact cardiovascular exercise, and is easy to use with a small amount of practice.
Rowing is an exercise that will strengthen your back over time.
The machine will also give you a full workout on your upper and lower body unlike exercise bikes, treadmills, and stair climbers which work wonders with your thighs and buttocks, but do little for the upper body.
Rowing increases the effectiveness of your heart and circulatory system, and is a wonderfully balanced exercise that works all major muscle groups.
There are four types of resistance available in rowing machines.
They are air resistance, water resistance, magnetic resistance, and piston resistance.
The magnetic resistance and air resistance models are the most popular.
They offer near silent operation which keeps you from disturbing other people in the house while exercising.
Rowing machines are an excellent piece of fitness equipment that guarantees a full body workout, and should be a part of your fitness regimen.
They are the ultimate resistance exercise machine.
They are generally more compact in size than other gym equipment, and consequently fit easily into your home without dedicating a whole room to exercise equipment.
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