How to Do Custom Marble Paint Effect

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    • 1). The first step to any paint job is to make sure what your painting is completely cleaned and sanded. This technique starts pretty rough and hides a lot of scratches and flaws so you can get away with using a sand paper grit as rough as 280. The best thing I have used for cleaning is simply glass cleaner.

    • 2). Now you want to spray your base color. Since we are doing this with candy most people will either paint with silver or gold. Remember you can make several different custom colors by choosing the right base. Example Blue Metallic with Candy Red over it starts as a blue shade of purple and with every coat of candy red goes towards the red shade of purple. Gold and Silver stays the same color as the candy color it just get more depth with each coat of candy.

    • 3). You want to get yourself a few pieces of plastic wrap ready for this step. Now spray a small area with black paint. Small area being half a gas tank or 2ft x 2ft area of car. While the paint is still wet take your plastic wrap and start randomly pulling of the paint until you get the look you want. Keep doing this until you have painted the entire area. Remember it looks best if looks really random so try to make everything look the same or worry to much if you didn't pull of enough paint or too much paint.

    • 4). At this point when the paint is dry it going to look and feel rough and probably have some dirt in it. Don't worry about and try to sand it smooth it will just ruin it. Now you want to spray 2-4 coats of clear over the top. Clear coat should be a 2 part urethane. If Using lacquer you will need to double the amount of coats.

    • 5). When your clear coat is dry usually the next day unless you have a booth. You want to sand everything smooth without sanding through the clear coat using 600 grit wet sanding paper keeping the paper wet and clean with a bucket of water. If you start to sand through stop its okay as long as you just started and haven't actually started sanding the color underneath. If it is not completely smooth that is okay also this can be fixed later with more clear coat.

    • 6). Now start applying your candy paint. This takes usually 3 to 10 coats depending on the look your going for. The hard part about candy paint is that if you don't have even overlap it can looked striped. The nice thing about marbleizing is that know one will usually see it.

    • 7). When the paint is dry lightly sand it with 1000 grit wet sanding paper with water just to nib the dirt. Now put another 2-4 coats of clear on it. When dry this is usually good enough for most people.

    • 8). For the true pro look this step is for you. Now wet sand everything smooth with 1500 grit wet sanding paper so that there is no orange peel. and apply one more wet coat of clear coat over the top.

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