Calories Will Not Being Stored in My Body Again

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We're doing today here end yesterday the trainer is amazing is also of week the use of with a smile on your face happen right here doing everything right here 20 got laser-like focus feels like he had his moment of clarity in the very first weekend who keep seizure 220 pounds and he's collide with my lines to you or on gambling how close too big for me is so freaking amazing four-pound right there good Johnnie horny years machine me the completion where you mange put in mind years keeping it going come on forty-nine years decide to get your life back at fifty year from sausages fashion he for me lane for on rounder 130 pounds and keep here we just got horrible news Park hospital who began twenties over them and I'm so psyched for me miracle just his author on the year on the flip side right now here yourself time monthly she just doesn't into this program and realized Christmas dinner everybody a thing and then who your control I all tries to work out whether but she change can have an obligation you can feel how you been here two and a half mile like it.

I want you doing mark my words it when he goes through this transformation and Leslie did not join him with it they want house hall yes time will tell my No were Leslie Gulf Coast on the way sheets we both with noble so I thought that she would get on board with me but she did wild me which is this your biggest fear your work ever since he's been starting this journey I mean you got to have life tomickey's his only focused on one thing to the exclusion and everything OKay exclusion me anything in relationship give-and-take and I think there's middle ground and I think we both kind of fine OK with them personal camera today so mom opener million hours right year is the right thing to do year just did with them written that would do me approach happen it will about me Jim is OKay now mister where not only is stressful Leslie has really taken a toll on weight loss none this is the second week in a row he's only lost one pound doing school well for he's dreamy hugely this week his/her family school my last few weeks pretty rough died all the emotions the last everything cell going to make one last-ditch effort a workout for the land.
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