Labrador Nature Reserve: An Oasis of Tranquility and Natural Wonders

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The famous Labrador Nature Reserve functions as part of the Southern Ridges and is an ideal way to spend your occasional weekend or a family vacation. Picturesque views of the sea, lush green vegetation, and vibrant varieties of birds are all in store for you at this beautiful nature reserve.


The Labrador Nature Reserve, with its ten hectare secondary vegetation, is home to the only rocky sea-cliff on the main island of Singapore and was declared a nature reserve in the year 2002. Squirrels scurrying up and down trees, breathtaking views of the sea, and melodious bird songs all await you at this lush nature reserve.

The delightful collection of flora and fauna with its wide varieties would definitely appeal to any naturalist. It is also a bird's haven with 70-odd species accounted for, and this collection includes the famous Rufous Woodpecker and Abbott's Babbler. It also is a place to sight colourful butterflies and thousands of insects. Moreover, this headland has historical importance too and is remembered for its crucial role during the World War II. The military history of the British comes alive through the ever-present war relics at the nature reserve, and provides an interactive learning experience for the young and old alike.

The highlight of the reserve is the "Labrador Secret Tunnels", which were rediscovered only in the year 2001. Used by the British during the Second World War, these tunnels presently remain closed to the public till further notice. With the addition of the new extension area named 'Comchet Green', the value and the importance of Labrador assumed a new facet. 'Comchet Green' caters to the needs of the people and provides a much-welcome retreat for the senior citizens, physically challenged individuals, and persons dealing with stress and anxiety. Another value addition to the place is the Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk. A welcome oasis of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenating recreation, the Labrador Nature Reserve is an excellent locale to entertain the entire family during a sunny afternoon during a weekend off from your busy schedule.

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