Does She Like Me? Sure Shot Ways to Figure Out Whether a Girl Likes You Or Not Within Seconds

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You are in a group where you like one particular girl.
You are working on a project or just hanging out.
As a group you are having a good time.
You go out for movies or garb something to eat.
But you are not sure if she really likes you! The question does she like me keeps you awake at nights and you are at your wit's end.
Don't know the answer and you are afraid to ask it directly to her! Does this situations sounds familiar to you? If the answer is yes then here are some tips which will tell you if she likes you or not.
oYou have to pay attention to her body language a lot.
A body language of a person can tell you many things without getting any help from spoken words.
Her body language will tell you if she likes you.
oIs she forever looking at you? Do you find that whenever you are looking at her, her eyes are already on you? And when the eye contact is made she hastily looks away? If yes then this a dead give away of the fact that she likes you.
oIf you are telling a funny story in a group is she the one who is laughing out the loudest? Do you find her always paying rapt attention to what you are saying no matter on what subject? If yes then yes she likes you! oThe last thing to do to make sure that she likes you is to drop out from going for a movie and suggest just hanging out.
If she stays back because you are not going with the gang then this is a sure shot indication that she likes you!
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