Facebook Marketing Methods

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Facebook is considered today as one of the most popular tools in web marketing. The reason why is because Facebook had incorporated a number of different methods which allows businesses to market their products and services across Facebook, such as the use of Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads, and Facebook Applications or Apps.

From Social Networking to Business Marketing
Facebook, like many other social media or networking sites, is a website that is used primarily to connect with friends, relatives, as well as to meet other people. However, as Facebook becomes more and more popular, many businesses had started to use this site as a staging point for web marketing, in which many businesses had created their business profile page within Facebook. Eventually, Facebook had incorporated the creation of Facebook pages solely for businesses.

Facebook Pages
One of the first and free methods used in Facebook was the use of their profile pages. The advantage of this is that businesses can increase their visibility in the World Wide Web, particularly because of the fact that Facebook is one of the few websites that has the highest traffic other than Google.

Creating Facebook Pages also makes it possible for businesses to be searched on Facebook. And in addition to that, Facebook Pages can also be used to connect with their customers and clients, giving them feedback about the services and products they offer.

Facebook Ads
In addition to profile pages for businesses, Facebook had also incorporated its own advertisement campaigns. Similar to Google Adwords, Facebook Ads works by taking into account the different interest of their users, from their profiles to the statuses they use. With this, businesses their specific market, thus increasing their business visibility and success in web marketing.

Facebook Applications or Apps
One recent Facebook marketing method use by web marketers today is the use of Facebook Applications or Apps. Although most Facebook Apps are made up of games, many facebook applications developers had also created a number of Facebook Apps that can be used to easily share a product or service throughout Facebook.

Promotions are the most effective use of Facebook Apps. The advantage of this is that most Facebook Apps created by professional facebook application developer can be used to track the success of their campaign.

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