Places Where You Must Avoid Using Cell Phones

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Whether it is for work or personal use, mobile phones have become a big time necessity in our daily lives. But the problem occurs only when users cross the limit between expediency and bad manners. We should respect the law and order of our nation and therefore avoid using mobile phones in those places where usage has been strictly prohibited.

First of all, you should avoid using your handheld while driving a vehicle. As per the Insurance Information Institute, majority of accidents take place because of distraction while driving, and we all are aware of the distraction levels when talking over cell phone. In fact, a large number of states have even put a ban on using mobile phones while driving. If it is very necessary to attend a significant call, then it is advised to stop the car and attend it or use a hands free device.

You also need to avoid using mobiles in a church. It is a real nuisance to hear a cell phone ringing during a religious gathering. Some of the churches like Sacred Heart Church, Monterrey, Mexico, have installed cell phones jamming devices so that your cell phone will become non-operational while you are inside the church.

It is also highly recommended to avoid using your handheld while you are in a movie theater. The National Association of Theater Owners has also petitioned to the FCC for blocking cell phone usage inside the movie theaters. After all, other people in the theater have come to enjoy the movie and by talking on the phone, you are shattering their movie watching experience to a great extent.

You should avoid using mobiles in these places because it is for your own safety and for others' privacy. Using mobile phones in a place where silence is needed is going against the law and we are civilized enough to maintain the decorum of the state or place we proudly call our own.
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