How To Be A Natural Flirt - 3 Stunning Tips Which Will Help You Achieve Explosive Results

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The eventual aim of flirting for a every guy seems to be to get a girl's attention maintain it and at the end of it have her give you her phone number.
The trouble is that most guys out there do not know what they are doing when it comes to the art of flirting and always end up messing it up even before they start.
You see flirting is a combination of several aspects that involve having fun humor being spontaneous and more or less providing her with this possible company for the time being.
Read on to discover some of the most effective ways to be an effective flirt and get the desired results within minutes.
Learn to make direct eye contact- The major problem most guys have then it comes to the art of flirting is that they never make direct eye contact on the very first instance.
You see not making direct eye contact gives the impression that you are not confident about yourself and a lousy first impression means that your chances of scoring a date are gone.
Therefore always try to look right into her eyes on the very first instance.
Take control- Another important factor you need to consider while trying to become an effective flirt is that you must be in control of the conversation as much as possible.
You see often when you aren't in control she would take control of the situation and the conversation at the same time might end up playing you is instead of you playing her.
You must have a plan B- often while trying to flirt with a girl some of your techniques might or might not work in this situation you must have a plan B.
for example your jokes might not be working on her or she might not be showing any interest in what you have to say in this case you need something which would instantly get her attention and where you can control the situation.
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