How to Save on Hobby Caravan Insurance

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Having the freedom to travel around the UK and Europe in your own caravan or motor home is a great hobby but it can be an expensive one.
The cost of having this freedom can be increased if you do not have the correct type of hobby caravan insurance to fall back onto.
Therefore it is essential that you choose carefully to ensure you have the right type of policy.
Firstly if you are going to travel outside of the UK then European protection is a must.
Without it if you were to break down or the caravan suffered damage that required it to be towed for repair, it could cost you a hefty sum.
Also check to ensure that the policy included towing to a repairer and to get you and passengers to where you are going.
The majority of fully comprehensive hobby caravan insurance will include these features.
Also check to find out if it would payout for you to stop in alternative accommodation if your caravan was uninhabitable.
Usually the policy would payout for up to a certain amount of days or up to so much for this.
Hobby caravan insurance should also protect your personal belongings along with the actual van itself.
As you are living in the caravan or motor home you will have many belongings with you and all of these would add up and without cover you would have to replace them out of your own pocket.
However you would need to check what exclusions and limits were included in the policy and these can vary depending on the provider you choose to take out insurance with.
A policy should also include protection for awnings, steps, fittings and fixtures in the caravan and also gas bottles.
However again there could be limits to the maximum paid out for a single item.
If you are looking for caravan insurance for your motor home then also check to find out if windscreen damage is covered.
This can be found in the majority of fully comprehensive cover with limits on how much the policy would payout to replace windscreens or windows in the caravan.
If you want to make savings on hobby caravan insurance then you could choose to payout more in excess.
This is the sum of money you have to find towards the cost of the claim before the insurance provider picks up the rest of the bill.
By choosing to pay more this way you can cut down the cost of the premiums but you would have to find the excess as a lump sum payment if you were to be unlucky enough to need to claim on your policy.
Other ways to make savings include boosting up the amount of security on your caravan by ensuring your caravan is as safe as possible.
This means you would have to payout initially, however with the savings you could make year after year on the insurance premiums any security devices you buy could pay for themselves.
An immobiliser, tracking device, steering locks and door locks are all worth considering to cut down on premiums.
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