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History has repeatedly demonstrated that new companies and entrepreneurship are the best way to bolster a flagging economy.
It is the passion, power, creativity, enthusiasm, flexibility and shear determination of entrepreneurs to be quick to adapt to the changing national economy that can help raise personal and national economies.
A US Federal Reserve survey reveals that the average household net worth for entrepreneurs is five times more than most employees.
This means that entrepreneurs are five times more likely to rise above this downturn unscathed and even stronger than before, because they have created their economy their way.
A Gallup poll revealed that 61% of Americans prefer to be their own boss.
A poll by the Decipher firm reported that 72% of adult Americans would rather work for themselves than being an employee and 67% think about quitting their jobs 'constantly' or 'regularly.
' These statistics speak loud and clear that our corporate workforces and public agency employees are highly dissatisfied.
Leaders need to take note of these findings and determine ways to empower their teams to be more entrepreneurial.
People want to take responsibility for their projects and performance.
Leaders need to ask employees what they want out of the relationship with their job.
When management knows what people want, they are better equipped to give employees the satisfaction they desire.
Managers need to ask their team about their personal mission, passion and vision for their job.
What is their ideal job or position? Or if their needs are outside the company policy - maybe employees could work as a consultant to the company.
Entrepreneurship is not for everybody.
Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to create their life on their turns and create the work they love to support with full expression of their purpose.
They have the opportunity to use their talents, knowledge, skills and abilities to the degree they desire.
If you are considering being an entrepreneur, or if you are an emerging entrepreneur there is help and guidance to assist you in discovering more about your skill sets, your motivation behind your personality style, your work style and what type of business that is best suited to your unique set of characteristics.
Some people are more suited to going completely on their own, partnering, being part of a bigger team, network marketing, being in business for yourself, but not by yourself, or being a lone wolf What type of entrepreneur are you or do you aspire to be? How can you add to your personal and the national economy with your talents and skills? You can create your own economy and economic stimulus plan so you can help the national economy.
Cheers to all the entrepreneurs already doing it.
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