How to Identify a Dana 35 Axle

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    How to Identify a Dana 35 Axle

    • 1). Any Jeep with larger than stock tires should allow the average person to fit beneath to identify the axle. Steps two through four are only necessary if you cannot fit beneath the vehicle.

    • 2). Chock the rear wheels, ensuring that the wheel chocks are taking the weight of the vehicle before raising the front end.

    • 3). Raise vehicle with floor jack, utilizing the factory center frame pad. You only need to raise the vehicle enough to fit underneath, so there is no need to lift the wheels.

    • 4). Insert jack stands on factory pads on both the driver and passenger side frame-rails.

    • 5). Clean off the axle center section with a rag and carburetor cleaner if necessary.

    • 6). The metal axle ratio tag is located on the lower passenger-side portion of the center section, just below where the axle tube attaches and visible from the front of the vehicle.

    • 7). The model number of the axle is stamped on the triangular axle-reinforcement web, where the long tube attaches to the center section. It is clearly visible from the front.

    • 8). The production date is stamped on the front of the long tube, about 5 inches from where it attaches. It will read in a XX-XX-XXXX format.

    • 9). The bill of material number is stamped on the long tube a few inches further out from the date. It gives the specific information on the components used and the measurements of the axle. It will read in a 603-XXX, 604-XXX or 605-XXX format.

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      There are dozens of combinations of parts that can be used, so contact original customer service at equipment manufacturer Dana Spicer, or aftermarket manufacturers of Dana axle components like CKS, or with the bill of material number. These companies have a comprehensive listing of all axle types and their bill numbers.

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