How to Change the Coolant in a Ford Expedition

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    • 1). Position the catch pan under the radiator. Remove the radiator cap.

    • 2). Cut the inbound heater hose in half roughly one foot from the firewall and install the flush tee per the directions on the flush tee packaging.

    • 3). Attach the garden hose to the flush tee per the directions on the flush tee kit packaging. Install the diverter spout included in the flush tee kit into the radiator inlet per the kit's directions.

    • 4). Turn the water on and start the engine. Run the engine with the heater on full blast until clear water comes out of the diverter spout. This should take less than 10 minutes.

    • 5). Shut the engine off and carefully remove the diverter spout. Remove the garden hose and put the cap on the flush tee.

    • 6). Loosen the radiator drain petcock, located at the bottom of the radiator, using the pliers. Use caution so you do not snap the petcock off the radiator. Allow the water to drain out into the catch pan.

    • 7). Close the petcock and fill the radiator with equal parts coolant and water. Use the proper coolant for your Expedition. Do not mix green coolant with any form of extended life coolant and it is best not to change one for the other.

    • 8). Run the engine again for several minutes then shut it off. Allow the engine to cool and remove the radiator cap. Top off the coolant with a 50/50 mixture of coolant and distilled water.

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