How to Find a DC Personal Injury Attorney

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If you're looking for personal injury attorney in Washington, DC, you're very strongly advised to seek expert legal counsel before proceeding. Washington is the capital of the United States, but it's also one of the litigation capitals of the world. Major claims in particular are very strongly contested, so you need as much expert assistance as you can get.

Please note that Washington DC has its own local laws. You need this local legal knowledge when making a claim, and you also need experts in your particular type of claim.

Typical personal injury claims can cover a very wide range of types of claim and in some cases multiple incidents and events, including:

€ Auto accidents
€ Premises liability
€ Workers compensation
€ Medical malpractice
€ Types of negligence occasioning injury
€ Other forms of professional malpractice
€ Incidents occasioning injury whereby a third party may be held liable

As you can see, this is potentially very complex law. Before making your claim, you will require a thorough evaluation of your case, including:

€ Basis of claim
€ Supporting evidence
€ Estimated damages
€ Personal costs as a result of injury
€ Ongoing costs, if any, like ongoing medical expenses, rehabilitation, therapy, etc.

How to find the best lawyers in Washington DC

Finding lawyers can be a long, complex process. It's best to focus on specialist lawyers with practices in the Washington DC area, to start with. You also need to see what services are provided by these legal practices, and preferably a good track record of successful personal injury claims and settlements.

A good place to start, and to see a legal practice which covers all these criteria is Hilton Somer LLC, a Virginia-based law firm which also has a practice in Washington. This law firm provides both fast service and efficient counselling, with a good track record of successful claims in the tri-state area.

This is the sort of legal representation you need when making a claim in the highly adversarial Washington courts. This law firm specializes in personal injuries, and has a very commendable record in successful outcomes. It's well worth browsing their website, to see the services they provide and get a good overview of claims issues from the case studies.

For more information about maryland personal injury lawyers, you can contact them directly online or by phone, or use their live chat feature on the website

That's where we come into the picture. We're Hilton and Somer LLC, leading personal injury compensation attorneys providing our services in the tri-state area for Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. We have over 25 years' successful practice to our credit, including a very broad range of different types of personal injury including
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