Marketing Strategies Revealed And Keys To Online Success

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Leads, leads, and more leads,this is the lifeblood of any network marketing business. One of the biggest mistakes in marketing is buying leads. I know every now and then someone out there will make a sale or two purchasing leads. Your goal as a professional business person, is to have a steady and consistent flow of targeted leads for your specific business. Do you think buying leads from a company is going to be able to accomplish this? How do these lead vendors generate leads? Many of these lead companies use online advertisements seeking out people who are interested in a home business opportunity. Someone who is interested in working from home will fill out a small questionnaire or survey and submit this information back to the company and presto, you got a lead.

Are these the kinds of leads you want to build your business? Remember you started your business to make $10,000+ or more per month, you have plans of firing your boss and buying a new house for you and your family. Are you going to put your future success in talking to people who think starting a home business is stuffing envelopes?

Here is what you must do...

1- Stop Buying Leads! If you are on auto-ship with a lead vendor cancel it today. That money can be used to build your business and attract leads who are interested in what you specifically have.

2-Blog, if you are not blogging on a consistent basis you are missing out on free online exposure. Consider your blog to be your home. This is where people will identify with you and where you will start to build an online presence. Your blogs need to contain useful and beneficial information.

3-Write Articles- Have you heard of article marketing? If not, all it means is writing about a topic and submitting it to an e-zine directory. This is a place where people write about all different types of topics. This is another free marketing strategy that will give your websites more exposure. This will also make you more credible. Remember people only do business with who they feel comfortable with. And since we are online business people and do not really have a chance to meet face to face all the useful content we can give people to view will be to our benefit.

4-Align Yourself With A Good Mentor, How many of you have had a worthless sponsor? Think about it, these people called you everyday to get you to join their business. They told you how they would be there to support you and help you build your business. So you finally pay your money and you get this happy little e-mail from your sponsor congratulating you for joining the XYZ Company! Your sponsor gives you all of your links and tells you about the training calls and reminds you to follow the system and you will make gobs of money! O.K. you start off with the best intentions but along they way you are still lost. You call your sponsor and they immediately tell you, are you attending the training calls? They make you fell guilty about asking a question! Now do not get me wrong, no one is asking anyone to do the work for them! A good sponsor or mentor will simply direct you and guide you. You want to have someone who is willing to share with you everything that will ultimately help you become a leader yourself! You want to possess qualities of a leader in your industry. You can mold yourself after a good mentor who has these leadership qualities.

5-YOU! You are the most important part of your business success. There is only one of you! You have certain unique talents and gifts that can benefit other people. Do not be afraid to let your creativity flow. I know this a hard concept to grasp because your true abilities are usually suppressed. Your job probably does not allow you to have much in-put in the daily operations of the company, so you stay quiet! Your mate or family members will not listen to your helpful advice, so you stay quiet! You can't even get your dog to use the bathroom outside! This is the beauty of being in your own business. You have a say in how your business will operate! Have faith in you! Be determined to be heard. Let your talents and gifts flow. Once you start to do this everything will come together for you.
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