How to Convert to Ethanol

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    • 1). Tune up your car and have it thoroughly checked out by a mechanic. You should not convert cars with mechanical issues or which are not running at their best. Alternative fuels will not fix a broken car.

    • 2). Purchase an ethanol conversion kit. The ethanol kit comes with equipment that meets only the bare requirements. You will need to buy additional components for your car, but the conversion kit will get you started.

    • 3). Convert your car to be flex-fuel or regular. Flex-fuel cars use gas, ethanol, or any combination of the two. With flex-fuel, you will have more fuel options. Conversion methods vary slightly, but planning ahead will save you trouble.

    • 4). Replace your fuel pump with an ethanol pump. Most pumps allow for ethanol-mixed gasoline but some fuel pumps work significantly better with just ethanol.

    • 5). Install new filters before the fuel pump. Also place a filter between the pump and the carburetor. You should replace the filters after running on the first few tanks of gas. Have the filters checked and cleaned regularly. The filters will remove impurities gained from running cheap gasoline.

    • 6). Inspect your carburetor. See whether it can handle ethanol fuel or not. Depending on the year of your car, you may need to modify the carburetor. Newer carburetors need fewer modifications. If you do not know your way around an engine, speak to a mechanic about your current engine.

    • 7). Carefully watch your spark plugs. With all alternative fuels, the spark plugs can misfire. If the problem persists, then you should switch spark plugs. 100 percent ethanol spark plugs should help.

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